Isolo Weavers Women’s Group

We partnered with around 100 Isolo Weavers Women’s Group women who make amazing baskets from sisal. We provide them with alternative raw materials such is unwearable denim or khaki pants. With these raw materials, they can incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly practices into their craft.

Matthew 25 Children’s Home

Matthew 25 Children’s Home provides around 30 intelligent, talented, and adaptable children with education, food, medical care, and shelter. The average cost to support one child is $4 per day. How does ACT help? Next to providing the home with fitting clothes and bedding, ACT provides funds and more.

Elephant Guardian Backpack

ACT and Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT) joined hands to recycle the uniforms of SWT’s guardians. Together we flipped a waste problem into an opportunity, by repurposing used uniforms into amazing backpacks!

Offerte op maat

Een offerte op maat is bij ons echt een offerte op maat. Waarom? Omdat u dit bepaalt. Burgerhulpverlener, EHBO-er, bedrijf of particulier: iedereen verdient de beste kwaliteit vooor de laagste prijs. Heb je een vraag? Neem dan contact met ons op

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